Are you too busy to read an entire novel to get help? If so, this Activity Guide is the perfect solution!
As you view each activity, you will learn about a skill, complete the activity, and then use it in your life. The reader can do these activities in any order, but completing the first three sections are recommended; ​Help Me Cope​,​ Thinking Errors​, and ​Fix My Family​. The last section, ​Recovery​, is for those who are struggling with addictive behavior. This book can also be used as a curriculum guide for professionals. It’s adaptable to individuals, groups, and families.

You don’t need a mental health diagnosis to benefit from this book. If you do have one, you will learn to control your symptoms instead of your symptoms controlling you.
This Activity Guide provides a wide range of coping, and communication skills designed to help people with all kinds of social problems. Once you use these skills, I am confident that your quality of life will be improved!

The Activity guide for Good Mental Health and Recovery

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Addiction, Do I Have One?

Try this checklist? ___Do you look forward to a treat at the end of the day? ___Do you have a couple of drinks or smoke some marijuana before you go out? ___Have you used drugs when no one was around? These are just a couple of red flags, however, on page 55 there's a...

Need Help?

A random place to share: If you are dealing with a situation and would like my opinion, write to me here. I may post it on this site; No names nor email info will be...

Anxiety Exploration

I recently read about a person who has difficulty breathy 24/7 due to anxiety. My response was: Do you have asthma or a medical condition?If not, it looks like you're sabotaging yourself. Are you creating difficulties in order to stop yourself before you start? If it...


Manipulating is when someone distorts the truth to get his or her way. Have you ever participated in the following? I gave you the silent treatment.I overreacted so you would back down.I will embarrass you to get my way.I will tell you lies to confuse you. Try not to...

Love. Is it real?❤

LOVE boils down to a NEED. If you are referring to a significant other, LOVE is a NEED + a physical attraction. If you are referring to a family member or friend, it's simply a NEED. I will explain... You have two aunts that you are equally fond of. One aunt lives...

Attention Parents!

As I mentioned before, you can be your child's best friend but I disagree that they can be yours. Hence, you shouldn't be sharing details of your marriage or grown-up problems with a child. Children don't have the ability to process adult situations. So find a peer or...

Can you be in love with 2 people at the same time?

This author believes, YES, this can happen.  If both individuals fulfill a NEED for you then you could find yourself in a predicament. My advice to you would be to seek counseling to sort things...

Arguing again?

You might think that "they" are wrong, crazy, and psychotic and you have done nothing wrong to warrant such ridiculous behavior. Well, I challenge you to look at your own behavior,  Ask yourself, did you poke the bear?  Did you bring up something at an inappropriate...


REFLECT on the good times. DON'T waste your time, possibly your last minutes on earth, thinking about what you are loosing. Here's a joke to lighten your mood:  My Dad and I were in Disney World, Florida, USA and we were taking the shuttle bus through the parking...


Don't you hate it when people ask you if you are depressed when you're not?  And then you think to yourself, Am I supposed to be, since you just put the idea in my head?  Explain to others that it's helpful for them to ask, How are you feeling? Depression, in my...

Paying the Bills for Couples

Money is a big source of arguments.  It took my husband and me a while to get on the same page.  What worked for us was a chart on paper.   On the left side of the paper, I put all of the companies I had to pay for and due dates (ex. 11th).  Next, I made 12 boxes...


When you get angry do you: punch a wall?   throw things?  hurt yourself?  have bad thoughts?  think of revenge?  clean something?  act recklessly?  yell?  give yourself a headache?  cry?  give others the silent treatment?  spend money?  overeat? You're hurting in some...


I am passionate about creating quality material that speaks to people who are suffering from mental illness, chemical addiction, and relationship difficulties. I wish you success as you explore these activities and turn your lemons into lemonade.

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