Money is a big source of arguments.  It took my husband and me a while to get on the same page.  What worked for us was a chart on paper.   On the left side of the paper, I put all of the companies I had to pay for and due dates (ex. 11th).  Next, I made 12 boxes across  (Jan-Dec).  I had to pay attention to when the rent/mortgage and any car payments were due.  If those were late, it would affect our credit.

I pay the car week 1, the other car week 2, utilities week 3, and the mortgage week 4.  As I pay each bill, I write the amount and the date in the box on my chart.  If something needs to be clarified, it’s easy to get the chart and look.  After we pay the bills, we decide together, how much we need for groceries, restaurants, gas… and how much we want to save.

It’s so important to save.  When I was younger, I didn’t see a reason to save but as I got older, I witnessed devastating hurricanes and pandemics like Corona Virus 19 and realized that those are good reasons to save.  Retirement is another good reason.  And what if my husband gets injured on the job?  Having some money put aside can give him time to recover or switch careers. (It’s really late and I’m too tired to proofread this.  I hope it’s okay.)

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