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Are you too busy to read an entire novel to get help? If so, this Activity Guide is the perfect solution!
As you view each activity, you will learn about a skill, complete the activity, and then use it in your life. The reader can do these activities in any order, but completing the first three sections are recommended; ​Help Me Cope​,​ Thinking Errors​, and ​Fix My Family​. The last section, ​Recovery​, is for those who are struggling with addictive behavior. This book can also be used as a curriculum guide for professionals. It’s adaptable to individuals, groups, and families.
This book is recommended for ages 11 and up and will provide the reader with an understanding of:
• How to cope with difficult people
• How to conquer anger
• Panic attacks and why they happen
• How to handle power struggles
• Family dynamics and how the family can get along
• How to overcome sleep difficulties
• Feelings, Thoughts, and the difference between them
• Addictive behavior and how to determine if you have a problem
and so much more!

You don’t need a mental health diagnosis to benefit from this book. If you do have one, you will learn to control your symptoms instead of your symptoms controlling you.
This Activity Guide provides a wide range of coping, and communication skills designed to help people with all kinds of social problems. Once you use these skills, I am confident that your quality of life will be improved!

The Activity guide for Good Mental Health and Recovery

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Politically Correct can go too far.

When I attend church, I often hear people say, "Bless you" when others sneeze.  We are all there to worship God so why leave the "God" out?  I think our society is so conscious of being politically that its a fault.  I decided to keep "God" in and risk offending the...

Dog training (4)

I have two dogs and of course they beg for food when I am eating. So I decided that I would like them to lay down while I eat. I already taught them some basic commands such as "sit," and "down," but with "down" I added the point of my finger towards the ground.  The...

Nightmares- how to handle.

A wise man told me that I could control my dreams.  He explained how he did it.  I gave this some thought. Awake - you are conscious.  Sleeping - you are subconscious.  When you can't wake up - unconscious. So I had a dream where someone was chasing me.  I decided to...

Dog Training (3)

Instead of hitting my 🐕 dog when he is bad, I push his neck to the ground and hold it there until he submits to me.  I use a firm voice to say, "Bad."  If his crime is really bad, I put him in "time out" as well, for a couple of minutes. When he submits to me, he is...

children and punishment – self-help

Punish your child on your own time and not on my kids birthday! To further explain, it saddened my daughter that you grounded your child on the day of her birthday celebration; intentional or not, this was wrong in my opinion!

Children- Positive self-esteem- self help

At bed time, when my child's mind is clear of the days events, I tell them that I love them and give them a compliment. This will reaffirm that no matter how many mistakes they made that day, they are still loved and valued.


Sometimes it feels good to let your anger out but this will probably make your issues worse.  I've heard a lot of people in the psychology field say things like, count to 10, take a walk, go to your room, etc. to handle your anger.  I'm not suggesting these types of...


I am passionate about creating quality material that speaks to people who are suffering from mental illness, chemical addiction, and relationship difficulties. I wish you success as you explore these activities and turn your lemons into lemonade.

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