LOVE boils down to a NEED.

If you are referring to a significant other, LOVE is a NEED + a physical attraction. If you are referring to a family member or friend, it’s simply a NEED.

I will explain… You have two aunts that you are equally fond of. One aunt lives across the country; you see her once a year. The other lives close by; you see her often. So suppose the one that lives far away dies? You’re sad but rebound quickly. Why? Because you didn’t establish a NEED for her. When the close one dies, you take it hard because you had a greater NEED for her.

The NEED is caring for one another, and supporting each other. We tend to replace these words/actions with the word LOVE.

Here’s an example with a married couple… Let’s say your spouse gets this great job and no longer needs you, but this was the “NEED” you felt that you called LOVE. You might want a divorce. What if he/she gains 200 pounds and is unappealing to you? This is another reason you might want to leave.

So I don’t believe there is such a thing as LOVE within a relationship and it can always be replaced with NEED.

I still tell my husband. ” I love you,” and keep these thoughts to myself. Some things are good to know.