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A mom shared that her daughter was bit by a tick.  She saved the tick and brought it to her doctor.  The doctor’s response was, We don’t analyze ticks anymore.  We will do blood work.  So the mom disposed of the tick.

If I were this mom, I would have found a lab that would analyze the tick.  If my insurance wouldn’t cover the expense, I would file an appeal.  When I filed an appeal this matter would go before a third party for review; a third party who has no ties to me nor my insurance company.  If I loose the appeal, I would pay out of my pocket.

If I were this mom, I would sue the doctor for ill advising me.  Even if my daughter ‘s blood work was negative, I know that a negative test result doesn’t mean she doesn’t have it.  Lyme’s is very hard to detect.  One test may show neg and a second may show positive.  And there are at least 9 different kinds of Lyme’s disease so if a doctor doesn’t test for all of them you may never know whats wrong?  So get the facts.  Do some reading.  The internet can be a great resource.